Linda Davelaar

New Assignment
as Staff Coach and Trainer

through the ministries of CEF of Washington, Inc

I want to live for God's purposes;
I want to make my life count for eternity!

God wants people to believe in His Son Jesus.

That's why I'm a missionary to the people who are the most responsive to the Gospel – children. I believe in the importance of reaching children for God so they can be saved, live to please God now, and live with Him forever.

My ministry with Child Evangelism Fellowship® is to teach kids in Bible clubs, to train others to teach kids the Gospel and the Bible, and to help other missionary staff to increase their effectiveness in ministry. If you believe in this ministry to the children, will you make a commitment to be on my support team? Will you pray? Will you give financially? Would you like to receive updates on this ministry?

Thank you in advance!

In God's Service,